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Tru-Steam Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service In Savannah, Ga.

Tru-Steam Commercial Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning In Savannah, Ga. has 16 years of experience and over 15,000 hours operating truck mounted steam cleaning equipment. When developing Tru-Steam intense research went into piecing together all the key components recommended by most major carpet manufacturers, EPA, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIH), American Lung Association, & the Mayo Clinic to clean carpet & upholstery correctly and professionally.

Tru-Steam only employees qualified technicians that must under go intensive training, background checks, & screenings. Tru-Steam will NEVER send a salesman to clean your carpet our technicians are trained to be honest, customer focused, knowledgeable about commerical carpeting, & thorough carpet cleaners. We do not charge extra to pretreat or remove stains unlike most other company's that just clean your carpet with only hot water unless you pay them extra.


Is Your Commerical Carpet And Upholstery Poisoning The Air You Breathe at home or work? Did you know that commerical carpet and upholstered furniture are giant air filters for our indoor air?  Like any air filter our carpet and upholstery becomes filled with harmful health destroying contaminants.(dust mites, pollen, germs, & bacteria) ext. Causing asthma attacks, allergy irritation,  spread of germs and viruses.  Once these materials fill to capacity they start spewing contaminants back into the we the air we breathe.  Here at Tru-Steam we believe Commercial Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning is a health issue  and NOT just an appearance issue. Commercial Carpet & Upholstery cleaning should be kept on a strict cleaning schedule we recommend every 6 months. Is your carpet and upholstery healthy enough for your family in Savannah, Ga.?

  Tru-Steam Commerical Carpet Cleaning Service is devoted to protecting your employees and co-workers health.

  At Tru-Steam we believe your carpet and Upholstery's are directly linked to your health and regular maintenance programs should be applied to keep up with warranties and health issues.  Carpet is a very important part of a home or office because it acts as an air filter cleaning the air we breathe from I'm a large array of contaminants ranging from bugs to viruses. Research shows that steam cleaning with the rite equipment  is the only effective carpet cleaning method to tackle these important health issues.  Tru-Steam uses state-of-the-art commercial steam cleaning equipment capable of producing 200°F steam and powerful suction ensuring your carpet will be sanitized and rinsed free of any harmful contaminants or dust mites.  Our process is recommended by most major commerical carpet manufacturers and is very effective in removing stains and dirt gently from your carpet leaving no sticky residue behind. We rinse your carpet with a special rinsing agent that counteracts the high pH levels found in treatments use to remove soil. Our special line of chemicals used to clean your carpet are plant based biodegradable organic products that are kid safe, pet safe, and environmentally friendly.

Commercial carpet cleaning is important to maintaining the overall comfort and monetary value of a property. Any type of flooring is an investment for the property owner. Keeping the investment in the best shape takes a professional, but without proper certification, the consumer cannot be guaranteed of proper education and training on updated techniques used in maintaining the value of the flooring.

There are health concerns that can arise from any unsanitary environment, and it can be surprising to learn what survives in and under the flooring. Allergens that are left behind can lead to serious health problems for family members and even household pets. Proper techniques can reduce or eliminate allergens in the environment, improving the health of the occupants.

Great strides have been made in technologies used in carpet-care. Today there are only a few basic wet and dry methodologies accepted by the industry leaders. Ensuring consistently high standards means understanding how the certifying body works to guarantee better results at lower costs.

Proper maintenance begins with regular vacuuming using a high-powered machine. Over time normal wear and tear leads to a dull, soiled appearance. Proper maintenance by the occupants can help keep the flooring looking good, but there comes a time when a certified technician has to be called to get to the really deep grime a normal household or commercial vacuum can miss.


         What's In Your Carpet?


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